• Dr. Terry Johnson
    Dr. Terry Johnson grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, prior to earning a bachelor's degree from Ohio State University. After attending veterinary school at Kansas State University, he began practice in Edgerton, WI, until he established the Chalet Veterinary Clinic in Stoughton in 1980. He and his wife Karen have three children- Elizabeth (Chris), Kristen, and Phillip and two rescue dogs, Chloe and Lilly. The Johnson's enjoy traveling to see their grandson Grant and spend time with him as he grows so quickly! They also enjoy UW sports as well as visits to the Caribbean veterinary practice Dr. Johnson joined in 1984.
  • Dr.
    Cynthia Culham
    Dr.Cynthia Culham is a fourth generation veterinarian. The Culham veterinarians have been practicing in Stoughton for over a hundred years. She earned her DVM from UW Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. Prior to entering veterinary school Dr. Culham lived in Vermont and had a career in cancer research. She and her husband Tim, have two children, Max and Meryl. She enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with her family. She has one Labrador Retriever, Duke.
  • Dr. Claire DeChristina
    Dr. Claire DeChristina lives with her family and pets on a farmette just outside of Stoughton. Originally from Chicago, Dr. D moved to Wisconsin in the late 70's. After working in industry for several years, she attended veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin, graduating in 1988. Her kinship with animals began early in life with her menagerie of pets including dogs, guinea pigs, doves & pigeons, mice and hamsters. Becoming involved with showing and breeding dogs as an adult moved her into the field of veterinary medicine. (Besides, her husband said she couldn't have a horse until she went to vet school.) Her current menagerie includes a horse, 2 Portuguese water dogs, 6 cats, an elderly ring-necked dove, and 3 rescue fish. In addition to caring for them and her family Dr. D's passions include needlework, gardening, hiking and camping.
  • Dr.
    Julia Naber

    Dr. Naber was born in Madison and spent most of her childhood in Madison.  She moved to Singapore when she was 13 and lived there until she returned to go to UW-Whitewater for undergraduate.  She graduated with a bachelor's in biology.  In 2013, she graduated from the UW-Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine.  She spent the first 2 years practicing mixed animal medicine in central Wisconsin.  She now does small animal medicine and loves doing wellness exams, internal medicine and surgery.  She also sees some backyard chickens.  She lives in Madison with her husband, three sons, dog, cat, 2 tortoises and some pet rats.

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  • "Dr DeChristina seems to have a real gift with felines and I enjoy taking my kitty Haley to see her when it's time for a yearly check-up. Thanks Dr D for your tender care!"
    Lucy H.

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